The objective of this group task was to transform information on any aspect of climate change, the deliverables required were a poster and animation. We were required to demonstrate at least three statistics relevant to our topic in the form of infographics whilst engaging a defined audience.
One team member presented an idea to the group which we all agreed upon, we chose to focus on promoting saving sea otters, aiming our designs at children aged 11–15 with some prior scientific knowledge. We worked as a group to research and fully conceptualise our idea, we sourced the information, translating this into infographics together. The poster was designed first as a long continuous scene which we then translated to our animation.
It was in the technical stages where we were each allocated a role. One member created the illustration, another created three animated compositions for the infographic elements, another the individual otters’ legs/tail movements.
My working file, showing some of the compositions created in After Effects. Creating looping compositions with simple effects and transformations.
My role became paramount in bringing all these together in the final animation, creating the flow through the scene to the recorded audio. The biggest challenge being dissecting elements of the illustration from a Photoshop file, then rebuilding and animating the full scene in After Effects.
The full animated scene. This was input to the final composition, in which the frame pans down the scene, with keyframes to define the position and scale.

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