This final year advanced editorial project asked for a dummy newspaper with minimum 12 pages. The newspaper was to be printed full size and on newsprint, broadsheet or tabloid. It raised challenges in finding a flexible grid and type system which works as a structure for different kinds of sections, including: the front page and entry points, short and long read articles, listings, and middle and back page treatment. Whilst this brief was specific in its technical requirements, the first stages required fully conceptualising an original newspaper – for which there was a gap in the market – and its contents sourced.​​​​​​​
Typographic detail.
This brief also asked for a working template and detailed specification, having to create this ensured the disciplined use of the grid and proper use of strict style sheets.
The full specification pages (click to enlarge), detailing elements such as paragraph styles and the basic concept of the format.
Highlights of the specification file, displaying the working file and the grid.

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