This university brief asked for a re-launch of both the physical and digital packaging of a luxury food brand. The deliverables included: physical packaging, visuals which show how the series will be displayed online, and demonstration of how the design translates to the packaging which the product would be shipped in.
The illustrative style used, to be viewed through the bottle, is a negative watercolour. The shapes are distinct and can be distorted by the product with little impact on its quality. Use of a watercolour painting, and a watercolour texture throughout, reflects the nature of both the product itself and the brand’s ecological ethos. The nature of the tones which are created allows for colour adaptations across the series.
Some highlights from my reflective report, displaying research of market competitors, early ideas and design developments and decisions.
Following this report the mentioned developments were made and the prototypes shown here were produced. These improvements fully realise the type details on the bottle's labels and I was able to give more time and thought to the translation across formats and media.

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