'Question' is a journal which features creative writing and academic articles, from PhD students across the South, West & Wales Doctoral Training Partnership. Its third issue ‘Frontiers’ explores questions of frontiers in the contexts of Greek and Roman theatre, Spanish cinema, identity paradigms of Russia and the West, and much more.
The University of Reading’s Department of Typography Real Jobs scheme sets students up with work placements to earn credits towards their degree. 'Question''s very first issue was designed through the scheme, its visual identity and design guidelines were determined by two previous students. The same students then composed the second issue, this edition saw changes in format and typographic detail. Subsequently the 'Question' team returned to the scheme for its third issue, which myself and another student signed up to take on.
Working with 'Question'’s new General Editor, the identity of the second issue was to be followed. However adjustments to detail could be made, where it was thought to be appropriate. Design decisions – specific to this issue – were also to be made by us, including: the issue colour, and the use and placement of the various artworks. The new editor did not want to follow the cover template and so new ideas were developed. The new cover was still to relate to the previous issues’.
(L–R) The third issues’ cover following the previous issues’ template.
A variation without the content highlights, at the editor’s request. 
A development which breaks the frame, and shows the full extent and detail of the illustration.
A variation which rearranges the text elements, as to not interfere with the detailed illustration.
Whilst templates of the design were a part of the first issue’s design brief, these could not be obtained. In addition to this, the change in format would have meant these would likely have not been useful. We did however gain access to the previous InDesign files. Whilst it can be difficult to understand someone else’s workspace, we were able to see both the style sheets and the details of the grid, this gave us the grounds for our layout.
“Everyone I’ve shown has loved this issue. It’s definitely an improvement on the other issues.”
Andrea Romanzi, 'Question' Issue 3’s General Editor.

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